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Do you know why the décolletage and hands are often the first places to show signs of ageing?

The skin on the décolletage and hands is very fragile as it produces less oil than the face whilst also often receiving more sun exposure, so forgetting to apply SPF and neglecting to nourish these areas can result in premature ageing faster than you'd imagine - it can add years on.

The decolletage is often one of the most neglected areas of the body, but at Parap Day Spa, we have the perfect solution! For this month only, we're offering a Super Rejuvenation Cleanse Facial treat with $50 off!

We’ll cleanse, buff, polish and hydrate your face, neck and decolletage and even the back of the hands!

The skin will be left smooth, plump and more youthful looking, perfect for low cut t-shirts and dresses.

Normally valued at $145, but until the end of September you can experience this treatment for only $95.

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