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WANT TO KNOW how to get beautiful, smooth, youthful skin that will leave you feeling radiant and beaming? 

Good news! Good skincare starts with proper nutrition. It’s true that sun protection is the number-one anti-aging strategy, but your skin also needs nutrients to stay healthy and skinfit.

Introducing our Super Vitamin Facial package that will make you glow:

It’s been scientifically proven that topical vitamin C on the skin improves skin health. Vitamin C is renowned for its antioxidant properties and its role in boosting collagen production. It’s a well-known fact that regular use of Vitamin C on the skin helps to reduce fine lines and hyper pigmentation leaving your skin looking smooth, even and glowing.

It’s no wonder that this facial which infuses the C Complex deeper into the skin will sooth and repair dry, mature, stressed and sun damaged skin resulting in a fabulous glow.

As a complete treatment, our Super Vitamin Facial Package will:

Give instant immediate visual improvement in the skin leaving you smooth, hydrated and radiant.

Be ‘Goldilocks’ timely, not too long, not too short but just right! (Because ugh, there’s nothing worse than lying in a beauty room for too long thinking of all the other things you could be doing!)

Be relaxing and a little ‘zen’, quality power nap time.
Ours clients say they always find that ‘zen’ ambiance as soon as they step through the salon door. Our package includes upper body massage (Neck, shoulders, arms, hands). Combines real results with a blissfully relaxing experience.

Trust me, this is amazing value and amazing results.

This offer includes - 

  • Double cleanse
  • Enzyme mask with steam
  • Decolletage treatment
  • Scalp, neck and facial massage
  • ️Super Vitamin serum
  • High performance rubber Mask
  • Eye, Lip & SPF treatment
  • Alpha H Takeaway product (moisture boosting facial mist)
  • 60 minute treatment

    Total value is $150, 🔥now only $110.

     **offer available for limited time so book your appointment to avoid disappointment
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